Gorgeous Body wave !! Like this_ Get body wave hair _ Wigs for Women

This opens up my eyes, all the way people used to have the style of body wave before the straightening machine was invented. Facts have proved that the? wet style of ?work with my hair is very good, a simplified pin curl system becomes my no damage method, the virgin hair becomes the actual definition of the curly hair. My hair will keep wet for a few days without limping, I do not even need to use stereotypes of the emulsion – the product just depresses my hair and makes oily faster.

In a woman seeking different ways to get rid of their curls to get straight hair when I ask you to swim against the tide! Embrace your body wave and ?enjoy the playful look. Yes, curls are very sexy, and straight hair women try to use hair straight hair and hair care hair to curl their hair, you can easily show off a killer curly hair.

In the next few years, I rely on? curls ?to “tame” my hair, just as I rely on straightening. I am still uncomfortable with the natural hair, but I am learning to cooperate with it, not against it. More importantly, I began to realize that doing my ?body wave does not have to make it behave, but it could be an opportunity to explore different styles and looks. No hair is wrong in nature, good or bad straight lines, curl and curl are just three types of hair texture that people are integrated into, but there are really many hair types as well as people invented many styles to go all out they.

I sometimes have to straighten and curl the waves hair, but often less than I used to – and certainly not every day. I like to think of them as two styles of my extensive hair skills, rather than in a particular way. Finally accept the unique features and abilities of the hair that I have, which is really a relief.

Since I started wearing my hair naturally wavy, I’ve been asked, “You’ve had your body wave permed, right?” The question falls back into the expectation that the hair I’ve been gifted is not the hair I should have.But it’s also a reminder that the grass is always greener.