Try These Straight Wig For Easy Hairstyles.

If you have a head of silky straight hair, then you are blessed with something that millions strive for – your silky straight hair. But I know a few who are apparently bored of their naturally straight hair because they feel there isn’t much that they could do to with their hair that could give some variation to the look. Quite the reverse, the fact is you can try a myriad of interesting hair styles with straight wig.

1. Try The Blunt
Blunt straight wig look best only on straight hair. There is so less maintenance that a blunt demands for, more so when you have luxuriously straight hair. To give a variation to it, you may add few fringes in the front. But if you have a big forehead and you want to cover it, you may add strong fringes to the haircut. This will give an effect of a cropped forehead. This one looks super cute, I’d say.

2. Angular Bob
Angular bob straight wig is super hot at the moment and for all the good reasons. When you have straight hair, it feels even better to have it in one length. You can attempt an angular bob to add body to your hair. The angular layers allow the hair to look longer in the front and shorter at the back giving it an instant upgrade.

3. Fringe
Because fringe straight wig looks best on women with fine textured hair because the hair lays softer after the cut. This hairdo is versatile as you can style it straight and sleek. Go for a straight cut fringe that does not look blocky. The light face-framing layers can work great with medium-length straight hair. It is a low-maintenance idea and requires little or no styling.

4. Shaped Straight Wig
Next two hair styles for you are the V-cut and the U-cut. Both these cuts are very neat and give your hair an added bounce. The V-cut will make your hair look longer than it really is because of its descending shape and pointed end.

Each and every straight wig listed in this article are super easy to make and wear. None of them require any professional assistance. Yet, they manage to look a million buck. Try them out yourself and let us know which one is your personal favorite.