Try These Straight Wig For Easy Hairstyles.

If you have a head of silky straight hair, then you are blessed with something that millions strive for – your silky straight hair. But I know a few who are apparently bored of their naturally straight hair because they feel there isn’t much that they could do to with their hair that could give some variation to the look. Quite the reverse, the fact is you can try a myriad of interesting hair styles with straight wig.

1. Try The Blunt
Blunt straight wig look best only on straight hair. There is so less maintenance that a blunt demands for, more so when you have luxuriously straight hair. To give a variation to it, you may add few fringes in the front. But if you have a big forehead and you want to cover it, you may add strong fringes to the haircut. This will give an effect of a cropped forehead. This one looks super cute, I’d say.

2. Angular Bob
Angular bob straight wig is super hot at the moment and for all the good reasons. When you have straight hair, it feels even better to have it in one length. You can attempt an angular bob to add body to your hair. The angular layers allow the hair to look longer in the front and shorter at the back giving it an instant upgrade.

3. Fringe
Because fringe straight wig looks best on women with fine textured hair because the hair lays softer after the cut. This hairdo is versatile as you can style it straight and sleek. Go for a straight cut fringe that does not look blocky. The light face-framing layers can work great with medium-length straight hair. It is a low-maintenance idea and requires little or no styling.

4. Shaped Straight Wig
Next two hair styles for you are the V-cut and the U-cut. Both these cuts are very neat and give your hair an added bounce. The V-cut will make your hair look longer than it really is because of its descending shape and pointed end.

Each and every straight wig listed in this article are super easy to make and wear. None of them require any professional assistance. Yet, they manage to look a million buck. Try them out yourself and let us know which one is your personal favorite.

These Virgin Hair-Color Trends Are Going To Be Huge

He notes that getting creative with existing techniques and using new terminology to describe them helps clients and colorists communicate better. “These names speak much more clearly than the [standard terms] — tint, single-process color. If you go in and ask for virgin hair, your colorist will know you don’t want a chunky highlight. It’s like designer clothes — you want to say what you wear. If it’s got a name, they can identify it.”

We’re not sure if it’s the plummeting temperatures, the chunky knits invading our fave stores, or the foliage porn all over our virgin hair right now, but we’re feeling all kinds of fall. And a new season usually sparks a kind of Pavlovian response in us toward changing up our hair.

New cuts, yes, but mostly color — all of the color. Don’t get us wrong — we don’t subscribe to the whole “a new?virgin hair requires you to go darker/lighter/whatever-er.” You go ahead and wear any effing color that makes you feel purty, seasonal mandates be damned. No, we’re talking about embracing the spirit of the changing seasons, and all that new-beginnings jazz, by spicing up your strands.

Well, thanks to a recent boom in downright nifty coloring techniques, there’s no better time than the present to get your ‘do did. Crystallizing, virgin hair, whispering — there are so many cool new trends to try. Best of all, they work for all types of colors and needs, whether you’re a rainbow-hair fan or a die-hard brunette.

Gorgeous Body wave !! Like this_ Get body wave hair _ Wigs for Women

This opens up my eyes, all the way people used to have the style of body wave before the straightening machine was invented. Facts have proved that the? wet style of ?work with my hair is very good, a simplified pin curl system becomes my no damage method, the virgin hair becomes the actual definition of the curly hair. My hair will keep wet for a few days without limping, I do not even need to use stereotypes of the emulsion – the product just depresses my hair and makes oily faster.

In a woman seeking different ways to get rid of their curls to get straight hair when I ask you to swim against the tide! Embrace your body wave and ?enjoy the playful look. Yes, curls are very sexy, and straight hair women try to use hair straight hair and hair care hair to curl their hair, you can easily show off a killer curly hair.

In the next few years, I rely on? curls ?to “tame” my hair, just as I rely on straightening. I am still uncomfortable with the natural hair, but I am learning to cooperate with it, not against it. More importantly, I began to realize that doing my ?body wave does not have to make it behave, but it could be an opportunity to explore different styles and looks. No hair is wrong in nature, good or bad straight lines, curl and curl are just three types of hair texture that people are integrated into, but there are really many hair types as well as people invented many styles to go all out they.

I sometimes have to straighten and curl the waves hair, but often less than I used to – and certainly not every day. I like to think of them as two styles of my extensive hair skills, rather than in a particular way. Finally accept the unique features and abilities of the hair that I have, which is really a relief.

Since I started wearing my hair naturally wavy, I’ve been asked, “You’ve had your body wave permed, right?” The question falls back into the expectation that the hair I’ve been gifted is not the hair I should have.But it’s also a reminder that the grass is always greener.


virgin hair – Wigs For Women Cheap Online Best

Winter climate is dry and cold, long virgin hair will be more difficult to handle, but not willing to cut off a long hair, how to do? Don’t be afraid, in order to solve everyone’s trouble, I specially selected some good winter hair long hair to everyone, to see if there is no suitable for their own bar!

Simple natural long straight hair tied back, silky hair looks very easy to comb, on both sides of the virgin hair in the other ear, with a clean face, the hair at the end of the looming tilted arc, looks very natural.

Thick hair, put down in winter, can keep the wind off and keep the neck from cold winds. Shawls virgin hair after perm after fluffy light, full of sense from the top down hair root radian, slightly curved bangs trimmed very thin, looked fresh and breathable, even wear a hat or worry about hair deformation.

Natural hair should be one of the easiest to take care of the hair, black hair looks healthy and supple, 28 side side after the virgin hair gently from side face, the other side of the hair clip to the ear, to show in front of everyone is a kind of delicate face. If you tie a knot, comb it with a comb!

A woman head of long hair is naturally loose on the body side, bangs and elegant design with fresh, natural black hair, the girl looks very close to the goddess feel, part of the tail hair curling slightly, with a hint of curved lines, is pure and whole hair style with exquisite beauty.

Her hair?loose, the ?looks very soft, after perm hair does not look carefully you can not see the radian, in this somewhat unique, so also worry about roll up hair knot, irregular virgin hair?is obedient in front of the forehead, honey colored dye hair girl with skin it is white.

Well, in winter, the long hair style pictures are appreciated here. I hope you’ll have one of your favorite ones!

Make the supermodel’s fashion waves hair by yourself

Make the supermodel’s fashion waves hair by yourself.

The Victoria’s Secret 20th anniversary big show finally ended, the pink flesh has already glut us eyes. Although the sexy body can not imitate, but at least the supermodel’s fashion hairstyle can be imitated, the waves cost their few hours to make, but we just need an hour to fix VS model’s waves hair.At the end of the season, give yourself a chance to become a supermodel.

Every girl love big, luxurious waves. Girls live for that volume! So I wanted to show you how to get gorgeous Supermodel waves hair that last all night long. Hair stylist will put a lot of hair care mousse on wet hair, and massage till uniform distribution, and then from the middle to the end of hair, make hair stick to ceramic natural curls.
Step 1: Wash your hair and blow it out with a hair dryer. Here is a little trick, how to blow out the fluffy feeling of the hair? Hand is the most favorable tool, along the hair gently with your hand.
Step 2: After drying hair, spray evenly with moisturizing spray on the ends of hair bundles.
Step 3: After combing with comb, before we use the high temperature curling stick, we should first put a protective film on the hair to prevent hair damage.

Step 4: When you start curling, pay attention to the intensity, because it is easy to roll asymmetry, in the hair root 1.5 inches when the hair, about 2 minutes can be released.
Step 5: When you’re doing a curl, don’t touch your hair immediately, it will mess up your hair.
Step 6: How to shape the head curtain? Curl up the curtain, turn to the 45 degree extension, stop for 2 minutes, don’t just roll the hair, so it is easy to disturb it.
Step 7: When you finish a part of waves hair, you need to comb your hair with a comb, and gently comb it as you just roll it.

Step 8: The top hair must be supple, and should not collapse when combing.
Step 9: This step is very important, sexy waves hair always have some characteristics and difficulty, in the top of the head must remember to create a sense of fluffy.
Step 10: Just run out of curly sticks, you can spray on the rough tooth comb to raise the brightness of hair and moisturizing spray, so that the overall hairstyle looks uniform luster. Comb your hair with a coarse toothed comb.
Step 11: The last step, of course, is the styling spray, remember to spray 2-3 times on the overall hairstyle.

Victoria’s Secret natural waves hair create success.